Thanks again and always- Dr. Mike Saatkamp at The Healing Art for your wealth of knowledge and emotional support! Highly recommend him as a phenomenal chiroprator and expert in neurophysiology, natural healing, food, stress reduction, and other very wise and helpful things!
— Rachel, Patient
Ben has headaches and torticolis. We noticed his head tilt more when he had growth spurts. Dr. Mike has curbed the headaches and worked with us to do exercises to stop the tightening of tendons in Ben’s neck. This is way better than PT, as Ben would scream the whole time in pain.
— Kelly, Mother of Ben, Patient
I always recommend Saatkamp Healing Arts whenever someone mentions going to a chiropractor. The service is always excellent and the atmosphere is always friendly.
— David, Patient
Treatment of the physical body is important, but with Dr. Mike, your mind gets a boost too. All positive!
— Suzanne, Patient
Even though I realized I won’t ever stop seeing Dr. Kyle (because of my Crohn’s Disease), there are a great many medical reasons why it is a good idea for me to receive chiropractic adjustments. However, the most important reason to me is not medical. For about 15 minutes, three times a week, I get the opportunity to truly relax. It has always been extremely difficult for me to relax, and Dr. Kyle gives me the chance to just let go of everything. It is just amazing for me to be able to relax this completely. For that reason alone, I am truly blessed.
— Susan, Patient