Personal Family Consulting with Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike is a special needs dad.


Who is this for?

Consultations with Dr. Mike are for parents, grandparents, siblings, or educators of special needs/brain injured kids. Dr. Mike has structured the consultation topics to maximize your learning. You will increase your ability to apply what you have learned. You will leave each consultation with new skills you can use to build up your resilience, manage your stress, and deeply understand yourself and your child. These consultations are personally tailored to you and the needs of your family.

  • Special Needs Mothers

  • Special Needs Fathers

  • Special Needs Grandparents

  • Educators, School Aides or School Administrators of Special Needs Kids



All consultations are 1 hour of one-on-one time with Dr. Mike Saatkamp, via video chat or in person conversation. You will receive a recorded video copy of your consultation in order to share with family, physicians, or therapist.

  • Flourish No Matter What - Find new ways to live from your Best Self, even in crisis situations. you will learn to overcome obstacles to empathy, self-compassion, and your personal goals. You will master the skills to become a Generative Leader.

  • An Experienced Guide - Have the support of an experienced professional in learning the challenging fields of brain science, movement, and nutrition, all tailored to your specific needs and aims. Dr. Mike will be your companion on your journey from challenge to resilience, and from resilience to mastery of parenting, movement, and nutrition.

  • Practice Self Leadership - Strengthen your deepest sense of identity and values – become an effective leader who brings encouragement, engagement and purpose to your family, community, and your self.

  • Better Health - Master the skills you learned in your Family Grit Training and face your life stresses with humble authority, demonstrate confidence without arrogance. Master techniques that minimize anxiety and self doubt.

  • Better Relationships - Deepen your understanding of the physiology of human connection, motivation, belief and desire. Bring joy and playfulness into your families life, no matter what.


Getting Started

Personal consultation appointments are set up through Helena (for video chat) or through Saatkamp Healing Arts' front desk (for in person conversation). Email us to choose your 1 hour time slot now! After your appointment is booked, you will be sent a detailed intake questionnaire. This questionnaire must be completed by you and returned to Helena or our front desk via email, 3 days before your scheduled consultation. We will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling request.


The Consultation

This is not a diagnostic session, but a conference among learning family members, and is educational in nature. 

Dr. Mike would like you to purchase and be actively using the Family Grit Online Training Course (when available) while you consult with him personally. He will refer you to other resources to meet your needs and will maintain communications with you through time, consulting further as you need. We also recommend you attend the Family Grit Workshops (when offered) in conjunction with your personal consultation learning.

Prior to your consultation, you will receive an intake questionnaire that must be completely filled out prior to speaking with Dr. Saatkamp.

Common content areas of interest to special needs parents include:

  • the brain, it’s anatomy and function

  • movement and the brain

  • development and maturation of the brain

  • dealing well with unresting stress

  • journaling and writing

  • communicating with doctors

  • supporting learning with movement

  • nutritional concerns

Dr. Saatkamp is going into his 25 th year as a special needs parent, and is an experienced, steady hand and has spent many years preparing himself to serve the community of special needs parents skillfully, effectively, and whole-heartedly.