Part-time Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant
Full-time Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant

Due to growth and demand of our chiropractic services, we are looking for a very special person to join our team. We are looking for longterm part-time AND full-time employees. 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM. Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. 32 hours per week.

If you are motivated, have a desire to make a difference, and to be surrounded by positive and professional team members who share the same passions, then we are the team for you. You will be assisting the doctors in providing life-changing care.

Experience with Chiropractic is a plus, but not necessary.

Computer skills with Microsoft Office Suite and Windows 8 and 10 are REQUIRED.

High School diploma or GED required.

Must have a valid drivers license. 

Personality, character, and the ability to be an upbeat team member are important.
Characteristics of the proper team member will weigh heavily.

The ideal team member will possess the following characteristics…

-High energy
-Warm and friendly
-Excellent communication skills in person and over phone
-Excellent work ethic
-Professional and healthy appearance
-Takes responsibility and ownership of tasks
-Integrity and loyalty
-Understanding of confidentially for patient information

-Answer and field phone calls
-Schedule patient appointments
-Instill a sense of welcoming and care as our patients visit us
-Check patients in and out of office
-Patient data entry
-Treatment room cleaning
-Collecting and conversing about patients’ financial information
-Fostering close communication with doctors and insurance department
-Other clerical duties


Please only apply if you are 100% committed and interested in this position. 

Application Instructions

Send resume AND answers to the following questions to:

Saatkamp Healing Arts
ATTN: Office Manager
604 Michigan Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Or email to healingart01@gmail.com


  • Tell us a little about yourself...
  • What do you do best? 
  • How would your previous employer or co-workers describe you and your work?
  • What is it that you enjoyed most in previous positions? 
  • What is it about this job that is attractive to you?

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Deep Sleep and Alzheimer's

Hi Folks,

Here is an interesting article and audio interview about the importance of sleep. In the past few years, researchers have gathered evidence that during sleep our brains go through a cleansing process that removes materials that may be related to Alzheimers disease and other dementia’s. Reading and listening to this is time well spent. (About 4 and a half minutes).

See you in the adjusting room,

Dr. Mike

A Movie Review: Concussion

On our break today, Dr. Kyle and I went to the Marcus cinema to see the new movie, Concussion. Concussion is the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian physician with an extraordinary education and competence, who identified the effects of repeated head trauma on the brain. The brain injury he identified is now named Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Dr. Omalu found, through direct observation of the brains of NFL football players, that although there was no obvious change in the presentation of the brains of these athletes, there was clear evidence of damage to the brain cells. This damage is linked to loss of memory, violent outbursts, confusion, dizziness, and poor decision making. Several of the injured players that Dr. Omalu examined for evidence of brain trauma had committed suicide.

This is a film whose time has come. Dr. Omalu, played with poise and power by Will Smith, has given us insight into the long ignored effects of repeated head trauma. Smith shows us with clear and brave intensity the kind of fortitude it takes to take a stand on behalf of a terrible situation, in this case factual but hidden brain damage, and refuse to back down. I’ve been disappointed by a few a few roles Smith has played in the last decade. In this case, I was not, and I hope he gets an Academy Award for his performance.

Concussion is fair to the NFL and respectful to a sport beloved by millions, and presents a challenging situation honestly, but not without force. Like the game of football itself, Concussion will impact its audience and gives us all a thoughtful glance at how we organize our entertainment, economy, and health care.

I hope you will make time to go see this excellent film, and follow up on what you learn by consulting your physicians, chiropractors, coaches, and reputable research. 

Dr. Omalu is currently a professor of pathology and laboratory sciences at the University of California at Davis.

Here is the trailer for the movie.

--- --- ---

Dr. Mike Saatkamp

Saatkamp Healing Arts

Whiplash Takes It's Time...

Here at Saatkamp Healing Arts we treat a variety of injuries, one of the most complicated of which is whiplash injuries. These are complicated conditions that can take quite some time to treat and resolve. But why do they take so long? We get this question a lot. Here is a short article giving you a bit of insight as to why these injuries may linger!

Relax and Just Listen

Sometimes you just need to relax and listen to some tunes! Stress is a part of our daily lives, and at times can become overwhelming. Check out this article describing how music can be a great way to help cope with stress. When you're done with the article make sure to check us out on Google +. Write us a review, let us know how we're doing!

Exercise Combats Depression


Depression is a terrible condition, and often times is very difficult to treat successfully. Medication is often prescribed to help combat symptoms of depression. However, this study from Harvard suggests that regular exercise could just be the way to combat depression more successfully and for longer periods of time!

Prevention With Exercise

Exercising with lower back pain can be difficult, however, strengthening the core muscles can be vital in preventing future back pain exacerbations. Here are some core exercises that are effective and don't place unneeded stress on the lower back. Ask your chiropractor if these exercises would be appropriate for you, before adding them to your regimen.

NOTE: "Stir the pot" is a more advanced exercise, and should only be attempted by people who are more advanced in their training regimens.

Prescription Pain Medications

Here at Saatkamp Healing Arts we do our very best to treat people without the need for medical intervention. However, we know that pain medication can be necessary at times to manage severe pain. Here is an informative article on how prescription pain medications work, side effects, tolerance, and addiction.

Losing Weight Can Be Frustrating

Losing weight can be frustrating, and everyone has advice on how to do it. Fad diets, new exercises, and an array of machines, gizmos, and gadgets that are supposed to help the weight fall off. Let's be honest, losing weight is a long term commitment. It takes dedication and a hard work, but if done properly it can truly change your life. Here's a brief article on healthy ways to lose some of those pesky pounds. Stay healthy!

Good Sleep, Poor Sleep - What To Know About Your Sleep


We've all been told a good night sleep is important, but why? What happens to our bodies when we aren't sleeping enough? This article outlines the health risks associated with sleep deprivation! This is a great article to keep in mind for the weekend. Even though it's Saturday night, sleep is still important. Have a great weekend! Stay healthy!

What's the deal with this whole gluten free movement?

Has Dr. Mike or Dr. Kyle mentioned to you that wheat may not be as healthy for you as you thought? What's the deal with this whole gluten free movement? Why should I eat less breads, pastas, grains, sugar, and wheat products? This is a great article that explains how these foods effect your body, and why gluten sensitivity is becoming more and more prevalent! Stay healthy friends!

Alcohol Can Effect Our Whole Body

Photo from www.healthline.com

Photo from www.healthline.com

Here in Sheboygan County drinking is a big part of our social activities, and local culture. From Oktoberfest to softball games, from cocktail parties to holiday celebrations, alcohol can be found at just about every occasion. Most of us don't think beyond drunkenness and hangovers as to the ill effects of alcohol consumption. However, alcohol, especially in excess, can effect our whole body, This is a great resource to educate yourself on the health risks associated with excess alcohol consumption. Keep in mind that moderation is important. Have fun, stay safe, and live healthy!

Click here to read, "The Effects of Alcohol on the Body", but Healthline.

Predictors of Spine Surgery After Occupational Back Injury


This is a well referenced article documenting how Chiropractic treatment may help you recover from an injury without a surgical procedure. Sometimes surgical procedures are necessary, but a good program of Chiropractic, exercise, and simple lifestyle change will very often be sufficient. If a surgical procedure is indicated, we are more than happy to refer you to one of our great local surgeons.


Thank you for visiting us...

Hi folks, I want to thank you all for helping our community screening project at the Sheboygan County Fair so successful! We spoke with nearly a thousand people and many of them have already come in to become patients. We were happy to hear that many of the people we met were friends of you folks, who we already care for. 

In the near future we will be implementing more detailed exercise and movement programs to serve you better. I'll post updates every few days to keep you up on the progress.

See you in the adjusting room,

Dr. Mike

New website, same business!

In hopes of making our user experience easier and more understandable, we have decided to host ALL of Dr. Mike Saatkamp's professional endeavors in one singular location.

Saatkamp Healing Arts' website will host clinical practice work of Dr. Mike Saatkamp and Dr. Kyle Frederich's, as well as educational material and events created by Dr. Mike Saatkamp.

Saatkamp Communications will continue to own and operate the educational material created by Dr. Mike Saatkamp.

What can be found at www.saatkamphealingarts.com?

  • Saatkamp Healing Arts clinical services
  • Saatkamp Healing Arts clinical contact and information
  • Saatkamp Healing Arts team and event information
  • Educational programming and events operated by Saatkamp Communications

We hope you enjoy locating all of Dr. Mike's endeavors in a simplified format!

So, without further ado, we present to our community, family, friends, and patients, the new...