Our Mentors

Dr. Mike's expert mentor line up includes...


Anat Baniel - Founder, The Anat Baniel Method


Dara Marks - Script Consultant, www.daramarks.com


Dr. Kristin Neff - Educational Phychologist, University of Texas, Austin


Megan Cowan - Co-Founder, Mindful Schools


Dr. Rick Hanson - Neuropsychologist, www.rickhanson.net


Dr. Shauna Shapiro - Professor of Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University


Catherine Ann Jones, Screenwriter & Author, www.wayofstory.com


Dr. Emiliana Simon-Thomas - Science Director, The Greater Good Science Center


Lou Cozolino - Professor of Psychology, Pepperdine University


Dr. Mike Merzenich - Co-Founder, Posit Science


Dr. Rob Melillo - Co-Founder, Brain Balance Achievement Centers


Dan Habib - Photojournalist & Filmmaker, University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability


Dr. Dacher Keltner - Co-Founder, The Greater Good Science Center


Dr. Fred Luskin - Director of Stanford Forgiveness Projects, Stanford University


Dr. Maria Sirois - Positive Psychologist, www.mariasirois.com


Dr. Rand Swenson - Professor of Neuroanatomy, Dartmouth University


Dr. Robert Sapolsky - Professor of Neurology & Neurosurgery, Stanford University


Anastasia Somoza - Disability Rights Activist


Dr. Dan Siegel - Founder, The Mindsight Institute


Dr. Greg Fricchione - Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard University


Dr. Martha Herbert - Pediatric Neurologist, www.marthaherbert.org


Dr. Richard Davidson - Founder & Chair, The Center for Investigating Healthy Minds


Rupert Isaacson - Filmmaker & Writer, The Horse Boy Foundation


Mike Berkson & Tim Wambach - Creators, Handicap This Productions