Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology is heavily engrained in our thought process and execution.


Our mission at Saatkamp Healing Arts is to assist you in achieving your personal health goals and to increase your health and resiliency. In order to provide you with the most effective and empowering service, our doctors have taken on the challenging task of studying the complex field of Neuroscience. Dr. Saatkamp and Dr. Freiderichs have taken thousands of hours of post-doctoral training in Neurology, Orthopedics, Nutritional Chemistry, and Movement

The foundational science that Saatkamp Healing Arts operates from is called Functional Neurology. Being a science, this field is based on research and knowledge gained from observation and clinical practice. 

Your body is made up of many types of tissue, including your skin, muscle, the lining of your bowels, your blood, bone, and your nervous system. The primary integrator of all these tissues is your brain and nervous system. When your body is well integrated, you experience stability, attunement, flexibility, and energy, and you’ll experience them physically, emotionally, and mentally. We call that having a S.A.F.E. Spine ©.

But of course, life can be tough, and full of stresses, injuries, accidents, poor choices, falls, poor sleep, aches, and pains. When these things occur they reduce the integration of our nervous system. That means that some parts of our system fire too fast, or too slow, or stop working as an adaptation to whatever has disrupted it’s functioning. When we lose integration of our nervous system, our system becomes less S.A.F.E. (stable, attuned, flexible, and energetic), and our muscles and breathing can become constricted, our joints and thinking can become rigid, we may feel alone, our thinking may feel chaotic, spine kinked, our energy may be low and we may become deprived of sleep.

That’s not good for you, and the solution is to respond with simple, proven methods to restore your health and restore integration to your nervous system. 

We at Saatkamp Healing Arts have chosen to apply the field of Functional Neurology in our practice because it puts you in the drivers seat, once you’ve learned the material in your home exercises, your stress management techniques, and have had healthy movement restored to your joints through expert chiropractic care.

As you engage, heal, and grow through the application of Functional Neurology, we call Healthy Brain, Healthy Back ©, Dr. Saatkamp and Dr. Freiderichs will be there to deliver the treatment you need to maximize your personal sense of success and your positive impact on your community.